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RPSL-225 Road Pro 12 volt Portable Sauce Pan

Quick Description
RPSL-225 Road Pro 12 volt Portable Sauce Pan and Popcorn Maker
Manufacturer: Road Pro

Discontinued. See the RPSP225NS for replacement.


Roadpro RPSL-225 is a portable saucepan and popcorn maker for your mobile lifestyle. Simple to use, just plug it into your power port, and enjoy a snack or meal in the comfort of your vehicle. Prepare canned or packaged soups, stews, steam hot dogs, as well as popping popcorn. Lightweight and compact, it can be stored almost anywhere.

  • Plugs directly into a 12 volt power port
  • Fused plug with 4 foot power cord
  • Current draw - 13 amps/156 W
  • Capacity - 1 quart
  • Cooking surface is aluminum 
  • Diamter of pan is 6 1/4 in.
  • Height of pan is 3 1/2 in. (5 in. including base and with lid on) Pan is not removeable from base.
  • Weight is 10 oz.
  • 1 year limited warranty through Roadpro