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RP-1368HM RoadPro 12 Volt 5 Motor Massaging Seat

Quick Description
RP-1368HM RoadPro 12 Volt 5 Motor Massaging Seat with Heated Lower Back Cushion - Discontinued
Manufacturer: Road Pro
SKU: RP-1368HM

The Road Pro RP-1368HM is designed to assist in the prevention and relief of back pain caused by long periods of driving and limited movement. Adjustable settings for massage provide relaxtion of the driver's upper back muscles, lower back muscles, and thighs, independently or together. Combined with the heating option, the RP-1368HM allows total customization of your relief.

  • 5 powerful motors
  • Soothing vibration massage
  • Heated relief penetrates lower back muscles
  • Orthopedic design for support and massages
  • Ergonomic control unit for all your heated and massage functions
  • Side pocket holds the hand control unit
  • 12 volt plugs directly into your power port
  • Secure strapping system holds cushion tight to most vehicle seats
  • Soft material stays cools in the Summer and warm in the Winter
  • Safety heat function automatically turns off the unit when weight is removed from cushion