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PNP-401 12 Volt Grill

Quick Description
12 Volt Grill PNP-401 Power Hunt
Manufacturer: PowerHunt
SKU: PNP-401

12 Volt Grill PNP-401

  • Powerful 40 amp heating elements are capable of producing cooking temperatures up to 375°F
  • Receives power from any 12 volt auto battery using the Power Hunt Power Port or the Power Strip (sold separately) 
  • Floating hinge accommodates meat and vegetables of varying thickness; special design drains grease for healthier cooking
  • Quality non-stick cooking surface; lightweight design and rugged construction make travel and storage easy
  • Disposable cleaning kit with drip trays (PNP-490) and bamboo utensil kits (PNP-491) are available

Power Port PNP-120-8 or Power Strip PNP-102/PNP-111 are required to operate 12 Volt Grill. See power options under Related Products.


  • Voltage: 12 Volts
  • DC Power Rating: 40 Amps/up to 550 Watts
  • Dimensions: 9.13 x 7.6 x 3.94inches (232 x 193 x 100mm)
  • Weight: 4.88lbs (2.22kgs)
  • High Power 375°F

12 Volt Grill
A 40 amp rating and the ability to produce 375°F cooking temperatures makes the Power Hunt grill the most powerful 12 volt grill available anywhere. Grill steak, chicken, pork, burgers, vegetables or anything you choose in just minutes without dangerous fuels, inverters, generators or even a 12 volt lighter socket. Durable, compact and easy to travel with, the Power Hunt 12 volt grill is at home on the road, water or in the wilderness. Powerful top and bottom heating elements cook food fast and efficiently while the sloped design drains away grease into a washable catch-pan or handy disposable drip trays. A floating hinge adjusts to accommodate meat and vegetables up to 1 inch thick. High quality non-stick cooking surface prevents sticking and makes cleanup fast and easy.


 Power Hunt 12 Volt GrillStandard 12 Volt Grill
Amperage 40 Amps 13 Amps
Cooking Time Steak and Vegetables 2 – 3 Minutes 20 Minutes
Cooking Time Frozen Burger Patties 10 – 12 Minutes 45 Minutes with a Strong Battery
Grease Drain with Drip Tray Yes Not Available
Easy to Clean Yes, and Special Non-Stick Safe Cooking and Cleaning Tools are Available No


Fajitas on the Contact Grill…

  • Put Fajita meat (Chicken or Beef) down onions and peppers on top, close lid.
  • Serve on tortillas.
  • (To warm Tortillas…wrap in paper towel and rest on top of closed Grill while meat is cooking.)


Spray bottle with water is great for cleaning up.

  • While Grill is hot, simply spray and wipe clean.

Pizza rolls are very easy to cook on the Contact Grill, and require very little cleaning when I'm done.
Other Frozen Items that work are… Waffles, egg rolls.


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