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OT300 Ortho-Therm Therapeutic Heat Hand Wrist Kit

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OT300 Ortho-Therm Therapeutic Heat Hand Wrist Kit
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The Hand or Wrist Ortho Therm is one of the best treatment options for people
who suffer chronic hand or wrist pain, associated with arthritis, sports injuries,
rehabilitation, or just overuse. Hand or Wrist OrthoTherm provides soothing pain
relief with an ortho bandage for added support and comfort. Prevent
further injuries to your hand or wrist! Start using the Hand or Wrist Ortho Therm today
and enjoy immediate pain relief!

Hand or Wrist Ortho Therm warms your muscle and joint before performing
strenuous activity. When wearing the bandage on your left or right hand or wrist (order specific hand), the
exclusive "floating heater" allows positioning the heat pad over the
painful area. Wear the timed switch on your waist band. The coiled
extension cord creates a radius of 24' from the power outlet.

Use in your car with the 12 volt cigarette plug, at home, or in your
office, connecting it with the wall power converter.

Hands or wrists seem to ache when confined to one position, like during
driving. Hand or Wrist Ortho-Therm relieves this condition by supporting the
hand or wrist, adding heat and increasing blood flow to the hand or wrist joint. This
combination of support and heat to the hand or wrist can significantly reduce
pain and stiffness, while increasing circulation.


  • Safety - powered by a 12 volt power source
  • Adaptability - use with the included UL listed power converter for 120 volt wall outlets or the cigarette lighter plug for 12 volt cigarette lighter socket.
  • Time Control - use the automatic 30 minute time control for maximum benefit from heat therapy
  • High Setting - for a 107 F to 110 F range
  • Low Setting - for a 104 F to 106 F range.
  • Controlled Heat - aerospace inspired hat pad is Made in the USA and designed to prevent overheating while providing and even distribution of heat
  • Mobility - move up to 24 feet from any power supply
  • Includes
    • The Ortho-Therm Joint Warmer Pad and Bandage
    • Handy Travel Kit
    • 120 Volt UL listed Power supply
    • 12 Volt Cigarette Plug Power supply
    • 12 Foot Extension Coiled Cord
    • Time Switch with Input and Output Coiled Extension Cords
  • Non-Restrictive - Allows Full Movement
  • Adjustable To All Sizes
  • Easy To Put On and Adjust
  • Use Over or Under Clothes
  • Comfortable for Extended Use