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20 Watt Self Regulating Unbreakable Solar Panel Module GPDL-20

Quick Description
Go Power! 20 watt self regulating unbreakable solar panel module GPDL-20
Manufacturer: GoPower

The GPDL-20 has been discontinued.

The Go Power! DURAlite 20 watt solar panel module is virtually indestructable and is made to trickle charge batteries to ensure that your batteries stay healthy and do not sulphate. This solar panel module produces up to 1.2 amps of charge power per hour. The Go Power! GPDL-20 Solar Panel Module comes with a car utility adapter/ cigarette lighter adapter end for easy plug and play installation.  This solar panel module self regulates so it will not require a regulator. You can also remove the utility adapter and hook the solar panel directly to your battery. All instructions are provided.

  • High efficiency polycrystalline solar panel
  • Virtually unbreakable solar panel
  • Provides 1.2 amps of charge per hour
  • Car utility / Cigarette lighter adapter for easy connection
  • 5 year warranty