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ADF1601 Recoton Replacement Adapter Plugs

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ADF1601 Recoton Replacement Adapter Plugs
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The Reconton Safe-N-Sound 1601 Watt Travel Converter Plug Kit provides your foreign electrical traveling needs in most foreign countries. This kit contains plugs for domestic appliances whose rating is between 50-1600 watts. This includes hair dryers, irons, coffee makers, clothes steamers, etc. This will work with a US 110/117V to foreign 220V converter. (Converter is not included in this kit)


  • Adapter 1 - Long round pins (for recessed outlets) Europe, Middle East
  • Adapter 2 - Larger round pins (bathroom) United Kingdom
  • Adapter 3 - Angled flat blades for Australia, New Zealand
  • Adapter 4 - Parallel flat blades for South America, Caribbean
  • Adapter 5 - 3 Flat Blades for United Kingdom, Hong Kong
  • Tie string travel case.

Note: Adapter plugs will fit countries other than listed. Check outlet and match with appropriate adapter plug. US appliances operate on 60 cycles while foreign systems use 50 cycles. This will cause certain appliances to run slower. Computers, clocks, and stereos will not operate properly, therefore should not be used