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852-0307 Duracell Powerpack 300

Quick Description
852-0307 Duracell Powerpack 300
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Provides Portable Power

The Duracell Powerpack 300EP provides you with portable, rechargeable power for almost any emergency situation. Powerpacks are battery integrated systems that provide silent, portable household power. They integrate a battery and inverter to provide portable electricity and backup power anytime, anywhere. The Duracell Powerpack 300EP include an LED flashlight, 250 psi compressor and booster cables.
The XPower Powerpack 300 gives you the power to jump-start your vehicle or inflate tires during roadside emergencies. Its detachable ultra bright LED flashlight makes a power outage easier to deal with.

Duracell Powerpack 300EP

  • Runs 120-volt AC or 12-volt DC products anywhere
  • Built-in 300 watt inverter (240 watts continuous) and sealed, non-spillable 14 amp-hour AGM battery
  • Air compressor for inflating tires and small sports equipment
  • Jumper clips designed for easy storage on the unit
  • Barragraph LED indicator for monitoring the Powerpack''s battery charge level
  • Protective covers for AC and DC power outlets
  • Audible alarm signals overheat and under voltage conditions
  • Smart circuitry protects XPower from damage from reverse polarity jumpstart connection
  • Overload and over-temperature protection to ensure longer inverter life
  • AC charger input socket offers battery overcharge protection
  • Recharge at home or from a vehicle
  • One AC outlet


  • AC Charger - recharge Duracell Powerpack 300EP (charges max. 24 hours)
  • DC Charging Cable - recharge Duracell Powerpack 300EP from your car (charges max. 2.5 hours)
  • 3 Nozzle Adapters - pump air into your vehicle tires or small inflatable sports equipment



For Emergency Situations:

  • Inflate Tires
  • Jump-starts all four and most six cylinder vehicles
  • Charges cordless and cellular phones
  • Powers emergency light, TVs and radios
  • Runs home security systems

For Outdoor and Indoor Applications:

  • Pumps air into small inflatable sports equipment
  • Powers camcorders, video games, stereos, 13 TV/VCR combos
  • Runs hand-held blenders, fans, computers, laptops, clock radios, small power tools


12 volt DC section
Internal Battery Type Sealed Lead Acid, AGM
Internal Battery Voltage 12 Volts DC (nominal)
Internal Battery Capacity 14 amp-hours
Max. Load Current (at 12-volt DC power socket) 12 amps (nominal)
DC Power Socket circuit breaker rating 12 amps (automatic reset)
Internal Battery CCA rating 120 CCA
Internal Battery CA rating 180 CA
115-volt AC Inverter section
AC Output Voltage 120+- 10 VAC RMS
Max. Continuous Power Output 240 watts (300 watts for 5 Minutes)
Max. AC Surge Power 480 watts
AC Output Frequency 60 Hz +/- 4 Hz
Output Waveform Modified Sine Wave
Inverter No-load Current Draw less than 0.20 amps
Operating Temperature Range 0° - 40°C (32° - 104°F)
Inverter low battery alarm 11.0 Volts (nominal)
Inverter low battery shutdown 10.5 Volts (nominal)
Charging System
AC Charger - bulk charging system 500 mA (maximum)
Peak Charging Voltage 14.2 volts
Charge Restart Voltage 12.9 volts
Float Charge Current 1 mA (nominal)
Charge input socket max. current 3 amps
Charging Time
AC Outlet 24 hrs max (battery is completely discharged)
DC Outlet 2.5 hrs max (battery is completely discharged)
Mechanical Specifications
Dimensions (LxWxH) 14.6 x 10.4 x 10 inches
Weight 8.7 kg (19.2 lbs)
General Specifications
Air Compressor 250 psi (pounds per square inch)
Jump Start Cables 24 inches (610 cm), 8 AWG
Flashlight LED (rechargeable)
Storage Temperature 32F - 86F (OC - 30C)
Warranty 6 months

Note: Specifications subject to change without notice.

How long will the Duracell 300EP provide power?
AC Powered Products Watts Hours
Cordless Telephone (standby time) 5 10
Laptop Computer 20 2hr 5min
Clock Radio 8 6
Portable Stereo 10 7hr
Fluorescent Work Light 14 4hr
Color TV (13") 38 1hr 20min
5" Random Orbital Sander 270 5hr 50min
Table Lamp 40 1hr 30min
DC Powered Products
Cellular Telephone* 6 15hr
Portable Vacuum Cleaner 100 26 min
Portable Cooler 30 2hr 30min
Times may vary