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7351 Wind' N Go 1 Watt Waterproof Flashlight

Quick Description
7351 Wind N Go 1 Watt Waterproof Flashlight
SKU: 7351

The Aervoe Wind'' N Go 1 watt waterproof flashlight is a self-powered, 3 LED Flashlight that is waterproof to 33 feet, impact and shock resistant ABS body and polycarbonate lens. It features 3 LED bulbs including one ultra bright 1 watt LED bulb and two standard LEDs. They operate on high, low, and strobing 1 watt bulb. It is powered using the dynamo hand crank or may be charged using #7991 Power Adapter Kit sold separately.

Benefits: This high-powered waterproof flashlight is great for use in areas in and around water. It floats so if dropped into deep water it may be retrieved. Great for use in damp areas because the water-tight seal will keep moisture from corroding interal parts. It is so durable that it may be driven over without damage to the lens or body of the flashlight. It also features the additional option of charging using the #7991 adapter (sold separately) and ability to charge most common Nokia cell phones. Addtional cell phone adapter tips for other common phones are available (part #7995, sold separately).


  • Color - Black and Yellow
  • Power Source - Rechargeable 800mAh 3.6 Ni-Mh battery
  • DC Input - 6V 200mA
  • DC output - 6V 700-800mA
  • Weight - 11 oz.
  • Dimensions - 7" x 3" x 2.25"
  • Waterproof Depth - 33 feet
  • 1 Year Warranty


  • Wrist strap
  • Carabineer clip
  • Cell phone charging adapter