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PI-R010 Whistler Remote Switch Adapter

Quick Description
PI-R010 Whistler Remote Switch Adapter for PI-1200W, PI-2000W, and PI-3000W
SKU: 401010
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Whistler Remote Switch Adapter
  • Works with latest version PI-1200W, PI-2000W, and PI-3000W
  • 6 foot cable
Please note: There are different versions of the Whistler power inverter
This remote will NOT work for you if your Whistler inverter has a serial number that starts with the letter "D", which is located on the bottom of the unit or if your inverters power and voltmeter utilizes a Red 7 segment display. This remote will not work with the Whistler PP, IC, PRO, and XP series as well or inverters requiring P/N 401009 and P/N 4010391