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400 Amp Fuse Class T with Fuse Block FBL-400

Quick Description
Go Power! DC Fuse Blocks are extra heavy duty DC rated fuses, with "slow blow" characteristics suitable for power inverter installations.
Manufacturer: GoPower
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SKU: FBL-400

The Go Power! Fuse Block Including 400 amp fuse. This fuse bock with fuse is great if you have wiring already and just want to protect your power inverter with a proper power inverter fuse. This fuse would be used on 12 volt applications to protect power inverters up to 3500 watts and 24 volt power inverters up to 6000 watts. When installing the fuse be sure to put it on the positive cable as close to the battery as possible (usually within 2 feet).

  • Inverter Class T 400 amp slow blow fuse with holder
  • Semiconductor fuse
  • Guaranteed to terminate power when blown
  • Specifically made for use with power inverters