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12 Volt Solar Table Top Lantern 7450

Quick Description
12 Volt Lantern Solar Table Top Athena SolaDyne 7450
Manufacturer: Aervoe
SKU: 7450

This item has been discontinued. See the 7451 under Related Products Tab.

No Fuel?
No Batteries?
No Problem!

SolaDyne solar table top lanterns utilize energy from the sun, or the dynamo hand crank to charge the internal rechargeable battery.  If the sun is shining brightly, simply leave the solar lantern out in direct sunlight to achieve a full charge in a few hours.  If the sun isn''t shining just wind it up!  You never have to replace a battery or locate a charger just to operate the solar table top lantern.  Save money and the environment.

The Solar Table Top Lantern features 12 super-bright LED bulbs and an extra large solar charging panel.  Extremely safe for indoor use.  No fuel to spill and no carbon monoxide danger. 

The Solar Lantern offers reliable light without the need to constantly replace the batteries. Just leave the Solar Lantern out in the sun during the day for hours of use at night. If the sun isn''t shining, simply wind it up with the hand crank.

  • 12-LED Lantern: low (6 LEDs) and high (12 LEDs)
  • Large diameter solar panel
  • Dynamo hand crank
  • 12-volt car charger
  • Extended conical reflector to cast a wide area of light
  • A convenient hook folds out from the handle allowing you to hang the lantern anywhere
  • 10 hours of bright sunshine = up to 7 hours of use
  • 1 minute of winding = up to 30 minutes of use
  • May also be charged with our AC/DC Power Adapter #7991 (sold separately)
  • Charging with either accessory adapter for 3 hours = up to 7 hours of use